about Lucia

GoldMind Training was founded by Lucia van der Drift. She has over 25 years experience training groups and individuals in the corporate, charitable, and personal sectors. Lucia has practised mindfulness for over 25 years, and has been teaching mindfulness and meditation in different settings for over 15 years. She regularly leads retreats in the UK as well as internationally. She has been on numerous meditation retreats, including a three-month silent retreat. She is originally from the Netherlands, but lived and worked in London from 2010-20, teaching at the West London Buddhist Centre before founding Goldmind Training in 2018. During the pandemic she moved to Somerleyton in Suffolk, making regular trips to London.

Lucia holds an MA in English Literature from Leiden University and has worked as teacher, writer and trainer since her graduation. She completed the Teacher Training programme in Adapted Mindfulness-based Interventions provided by the Sussex Mindfulness Centre. 

Meditation has greatly improved the quality of Lucia’s life. She loves sharing her experience with others. Meditation and mindfulness are about experiencing, training, relaxing and developing the mind. The results are noticeable in a very short time span, especially with guidance based on your specific situation and time constraints.. Lucia is very skilled in meeting you at your own level of practice and helping you to develop it.

Since completing a course with the Professional Writing Academy in 2018, Lucia has regularly been facilitating writing for wellbeing and insight sessions: combining meditation with exploring mind and emotions through writing. Lucia is a member of Lapidus International, an international writing for wellbeing community. She has published two books with Ten Have, a Dutch publisher, and has written for numerous publications, mostly in Dutch.

For more information, email (lucia@goldmindtraining.com) or phone +447593085995.

Apart from facilitating mindfulness and reflective writing, Lucia also works in mindful art engagement as part of Limina Collective, which she co-codirects with Karly Allen. Limina Collective offers online and in-gallery workshops and creates online mindfulness and art resources for museums and galleries.

Lucia also teaches Buddhism. Her Buddhist name is Yashobodhi, which means ‘she whose awakening is beautiful’. She received this name when she was ordained as a Buddhist in 2005. She teaches a weekly class at the West London Buddhist Centre

Here is some feedback from people Lucia has worked with:

“Lucia’s experience and enthusiasm shone through throughout each session. Without her expert guidance and advice about my practice, I would have wasted many years on the wrong trajectory.” Henry E.

“I’ve had the pleasure of doing a series of meditation reviews with Lucia twice now and each time I have found it extremely helpful. She is a great listener and the advice she has given has helped me a lot with my practice. Lucia is a wonderful teacher and guide.” Tim W.

“Lucia is an experienced teacher, coach and meditator. She can help you to calm your mind, clarify your thoughts and focus your efforts to become more effective in all aspects of work and life while improving your relationships. She is also well endowed with common sense.” Nick